Managing and organizing a MS Outlook email client oftentimes is a a challenging task. Daily, one has to decide which e-mails are to be saved and which ones to delete. Sorting, filing and deleting e-mail messages is time consuming and is often boring. It would be nice to have a private e-mail assistant to complete the job after one has read the significant email? Some of the excellent Outlook add-ons work like your private e-mail assistant, such as the add-on Email Sorter Wizard.

Managing an Outlook e-mail in-box can not only be done using the Delete key. Many show hesitations as to press that key or not.

To avoid these hesitations, know that there are only two kinds of emails: the relevant and the irrelevant.

Knowing which ones are irrelevant is the key to successful deleting.

Irrelevant emails may include newsletters and advertisements. The cause for these messages reaching you is that most likely you surfed some Internet site that is sending you these. Watch out for those web site that request to enter your e-mail address in order to view more of their web pages. Once you enter your mail address, they will record that and send you some newsletters and advertising they have.

Yes there are spam filters but there are always those who get away with it. You will identify that the mails are irrelevant, because in the first place, you do not know who did send you the email. Some will even send messages that do not contain a sender’s e-mail address, that is very tricky.
Many of the e-mails contain interesting subject titles.

All these headers that let you think, “Oh, this, might be good; I will check it when I find time.” Do you think you will ever open that messages again?

Please do not store those kinds of emails. Just delete these. There are those people you know who will send you chain letters or cute messages or others. Decide properly if you are going to read them or not.

A simple yes or no: – a “Maybe, I will check these later” will not help you to organize your inbox.

If the answer is “NO”, the delete, please delete, delete even more!

Everyone has unique means they use to keep their Inbox and folders under control.

I love to work with Microsoft Outlook but coming across an range of shortcomings in your Outlook In-box is nothing new. Microsoft Outlook has some most vexing faults, for example an inflexible e-mail filter, sorting and filing system. Every day, your busy schedule can make organizing your In-box a real annoyance.

Microsoft is often fussy about these and other Outlook shortcomings, although in general, Outlook is a very good e-mail client. Nonetheless, at least there are solutions out there to Outlook’s problems. And searching for the best Outlook Add-In is no breeze, either.

One can find these solutions searching the net: For example, Email Sorter Wizard, is a fine, intuitive, desktop based, e-mail management application that is easily to add to Microsoft Outlook. Delivering powerful features and functions and rapid adoptability to everyone who wants to have a real solution for mail filing needs.

Sorting through your emails has not been this easy! This software is no average add-in. Its comprehensive organizing system will help streamline your in-box and folders!

What distinguishes this add-in is its power to give the end-user the flexibleness to organize and manage their email in a fashion that is deemed fit without the continuous searches and mouse clicking that is always used within Outlook’s environment.

Users who are on the move, constantly receiving and sending mails will find the features in this add-in extremely advatageous.

Email Organizer

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sort email

The author, Garret Stevenson, is an expert on organizing, sorting, managing and filing Outlook email. One of the great add-ins for Microsoft Outlook is Email Sorter Wizard, which is a hassle free add-in that is compatible with any version of Outlook® 2000 and newer.
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